Extracurricular Activities: More Important Than Ever

Choosing the right school for your child can be a tricky task as there is a wide range of things to consider. Back in the day, academic record of the school was the number one criteria for most parents. Of course, it is of utmost importance that a child gains a solid educational foundation but is it the only area a parent should focus on? In recent times, numerous schools around the world have shifted from following a strict academic oriented education approach to developing well-rounded children, who excel in other things like music, sports and art while still maintaining a good overall academic average. Keep reading to understand some the importance of undertaking extracurricular activities alongside studies.  

A Vital Supplement to the Development Process 

From primary school, or even kindergarten it is imperative that all children are encouraged to try out activities outside classroom. When they start young, it not only helps them to understand what they are good at and what they love doing, it also triggers important development changes in their brain and physical body. They begin to develop a range of vital skills from strategic thinking to even making friendships. While schools leave the choice up to children to decide what extracurricular activities they take part in, a Bangkok prep international school might incorporate it into the compulsory curriculum.  

Employers Seek All-rounders and Less Academic Geniuses   

At present, employers look at more than just your degree. Evidence of having undertaken extracurricular activities is becoming more pivotal in their hiring decisions as it tells them how versatile the candidate is. It conveys to the interviewer that you possess other important soft skills like time management, leadership, teamwork and organisation skills to name a few. Due to this, résumés now include a separate section that outlines the list of clubs, sports teams and volunteer activities you have undertaken so far.  

Secondary schools and colleges are increasingly emphasising the importance of extracurricular activities as well. This is because it has become an important addition to almost every university application and they want to equip students to face the future. It does not matter if you passed out of the best international school in Bangkok, if there is hardly any evidence of having participated in activities outside studies, chances of getting selected to your dream University would be very slim.  

Best Soft Skills Development Mechanism  

Extracurricular activities develop skills and competence. Classroom teaching and learning could easily become monotonous and lead to a decline in absorption levels of students. Participating in activities outside create a pleasant learning environment where students can express themselves more freely. It helps to build self-discipline, self-control, strategic thinking and enhances socialization skills through inter-mingling with other students. 

What Should You Do Before Moving To Thailand With The Family?

You could be moving to Bangkok for your next career move. However, moving to Bangkok with your entire family can be quite exhausting and complicated. Here are some helpful tips you can consider when you are planning your move.

What type of visa
There are many types of visas just like any other country. When you are exploring your options with visa to Bangkok, there is a high chance that you might get confused with the entire process. You can however, request help from a travel agency or you can try out getting help from someone who has been through the process of moving to Thailand. The tourist visas will last from thirty days to sixty days. However, you will need the right type of documents when you are travelling to Thailand. However, do remember that going back to your country and coming back with a brand new tourist visa can no longer be done. There are other options like marriage, business and retirement visas that you can try out when moving to Thailand.

Needs of your children
Traveling to Thailand with the family is never like traveling to Thailand solo. There are many things that you have to consider when you are trying to move to Thailand. You will have to cover their educational needs. Depending on the ages of your children you can consider a school or a kindergarten in Bangkok. Make sure that you have considered the appropriate facilities and other options like the nature of the child’s educational needs; be it international education or local education when you are looking for a school or a nursery school Bangkok. Check out more information here https://appletreekindergarten.com/

Your financial needs
Since you have decided to move to Bangkok you might already know that it is famous for its incredibly low costs of living. However, make sure that you budget yourself properly since you are moving with the family. Needs that other do not come across might rise when you are living there with your family. Your children will have special necessities like proper health care and specific food. Therefore it is important that you make the right choices and be responsible of making your family’s life comfortable in Bangkok. Try to bring the things that are absolutely essential for you and the babies and make sure that the most essential things have been packed well for the long travel.

Medical needs
If a western company that is based in Bangkok hires you, this means you will offered medical insurance. However, you will have to make sure that you and your family’s medical needs are taken care of if you are planning to find a job on tourist visa.